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Chevron Expects Shortage Of LNG Market By 2025
Mar 06, 2018

According to a Reuters report on March 6 in Houston, Chevron said on Tuesday that the company expects that the global LNG market will face a shortage of supply by 2025, Chevron’s statement in response to the largest LNG trade The comments made by Royal Dutch Shell last week.

As countries like China seek to control environmental pollution, there is a surge in demand for natural gas that is cleaner than the burning of coal and petroleum.

Chevron, the owner of Australasian and Whitton LNG projects in Australia, said that the company expects global LNG demand to reach nearly 600 million tons by 2035, and that LNG supply may only be half that figure.

Chevron’s executive vice president Pierre Bleppeb, who is responsible for the downstream, said on the company’s analysis day that China’s demand for LNG is increasing significantly. They have formulated a very aggressive plan to remove LNG from heating coal for industrial applications. .

As the world’s second-largest economy increased its supply before the Lunar New Year, China’s LNG imports reached a record high in January.