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Natural Gas Enters Village Project Into Joan
Mar 09, 2018

Into the new era, the people of Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County had a good time - the natural gas came to the Miao Village of Li Village.

“When I was old, if I had to go to the mountain to cut wood for cooking, I couldn’t eat it!” today, Wang Jiwen, a villager in Zhonglang Village, Lingzhong Township, Qiongzhong County, told reporters that he is 60 years old and he has cut down the wood for decades. Hey.

“Everyone understands the principle of cutting wood and destroys the environment, but everyone has to set fire to cooking. Now, connecting the natural gas pipeline in the village not only facilitates daily life, but also protects the ecological environment. In addition, the safety of natural gas equipment is advanced. Forgot to close the valve, the alarm will immediately sound." Wang Jiwen said.

In the evening, Wang Jiwen and his wife prepared dinner together. "You guys use natural gas for cooking. Because the price is cheap, your wife will use a low-calorie porridge every day. It's very convenient," Wang Jiwen said.

Since last year, Qiong Zhong has combined urban and rural smart gas implementation projects with Fu Mei rural construction, and has taken the lead in launching a number of gas demonstration projects in Yinggen, Wanling and other provinces. China National Gas Group is responsible for the construction and gasification of LNG bottle group stations. After the access to the pipe network and then transported to a household of farmers, Zhonglang Village was the first to complete the ignition and ventilation at the end of 2017. The province's first natural gas into natural village project took root.

In fact, as early as the installation of natural gas pipelines, the villagers in Zhonglang Village had a clear understanding of the fact that the use of natural gas to cook water would save tens of dollars a month. Before the mountain was cut up, it would delay time and destroy vegetation. Riding a gas tank on a motorbike to refuel it in the town, the cost of the fuel is not less, but also laborious.

“The young people in the village mostly go out to work hard. Older people stay at home. Everyone doesn’t have to worry about cutting wood. The ecological environment has also been protected. The two national conferences are being held in Beijing. Hope that related departments will introduce more subsidy policies in the future. Let rural residents use gas to get more benefits," Wang Jiwen said.

In Qiongzhong, natural gas into rural construction projects is spread out from the point and the surface. Up to now, Qiongzhong pipeline gas construction has covered Yinggeng Town, Wanling Town Township and Farm Farm Department, and Zhonglang Village, Dabian Village, and Zhentong County. Users in villages and other places totaled more than 11,000, with a total investment of nearly 40 million yuan.

"Jungzhong is located in the Hainan Ecological Core Conservation Area. The natural gas coverage of the countryside is not only an environmental protection measure, but also a livelihood project that vigorously implements the revitalization of the countryside," said Sun Qian, secretary of the Qiongzhong County Party Committee.

It is understood that in order to expedite the pace of full gas coverage in the county, Qiong Zhong plans to invest 320 million yuan in three years to build a county gas project covering the county, town, village, and farm companies to further improve the rural residential environment.