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Oil Refining Catalyst
May 23, 2018

The Latest News: 

In recent years, the petroleum and petrochemical industry has developed rapidly and advanced technology has been emerging continuously.

Offshore oil exploration and development, natural gas development and utilization are more and more important in industry development and national economy.

Over time, some of the data in the original volume is outdated and needs updating;

Readers have also responded to requests to continue to supplement the preparation of some new copies.

On the basis of the opinions from all aspects of experts, we decided to previously published 11 pathol amended, adding write nine new booklet, including offshore oil exploration, Marine oil and gas exploration, utilization of natural gas and petroleum asphalt, oil refining catalyst, petroleum refining additives, gas stations, green chemical industry.

The nine separate volumes invite experts from cnooc, petrochina, sinopec and China petroleum and petrochemical engineering research institute to write.

The revision of the original volume is mainly to supplement, update and improve, not to make big structural changes.