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Production Of Raw Material Hydrocracking Catalyst For Petrochemical Research Institute Is About To Start.
May 15, 2018

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If China oil net news (reporter love fairy Kang Qinghua) on May 11, the reporter understands from institute of China petroleum and petrochemical industry, chemical raw materials type hydrocracking catalyst for industrial application experiment molecular sieve production site news, such as key carrier MSY molecular sieve materials the successful completion of the industrial production, product performance indicators limit, all industrial production and laid a solid foundation for subsequent catalyst.

Chemical raw materials type hydrocracking catalyst (PHC - 05) has a heavy naphtha good selectivity, high liquid yield, product quality is good wait for a characteristic, is daqing petrochemical yuan chemical industry research center after more than 10 years of continuous research, test in after amplification research and industry, successful development of the productive naphtha and tail oil and other chemical raw materials of hydrocracking catalyst technology.

In order to ensure the MSY molecular sieve industrial production run smoothly, daqing chemical research center founded the molecular sieve production leadership team and production team, at the same time and the factory technical personnel for production plan and docking, and the detailed production scheduling plan.

Completed all production tasks in mid-april, ensuring that the next phase of the phc-05 catalyst industrial production is planned.

Type at present, chemical raw materials hydrocracking catalyst for industrial application experiment has completed the MSY molecular sieve production of aluminum and silicon, big pore alumina raw materials preparation, the catalyst is a comprehensive industrial production start.