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Progress In Design Of Metal Oxide Catalysts For Dalian Compounds.
Mar 20, 2018

Recently, dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences, dc small molecules and hydrogen utilization of carbon resources innovation team, deputy researcher sun YuJiaFeng team using the method of Flame spraying (Flame Spray Pyrolysis, FSP) of high temperature quenching process, the metal oxide lattice oxygen in locking in metastable, thus greatly enhanced the activity of lattice oxygen, make the CO oxidation reaction rate of up to 10 times higher than that of traditional catalyst reaction.

The REDOX cycle, which is involved in the oxidation of lattice oxygen in oxides, is widely present in the catalytic oxidation reaction.Among them, the release rate of lattice oxygen is the rate-controlling step of the reaction. Therefore, the activity of lattice oxygen is enhanced to accelerate the oxidation and reduction cycle, which is an important means to promote the catalytic oxidation reaction.In the team by using the method of high temperature quenching, guarantee the stability of oxide crystals formed at the same time, has weakened the oxide of metal, the interaction between oxygen, make the lattice oxygen in supersaturated metastable state.Ce - Zr solid solution of the preparation of fresh oxide was found in the oxygen vacancy, metastable lattice oxygen can be stable, and in relatively mild conditions (such as low temperature reduction, vacuuming, bear the load of metal, etc.) can release a large amount of active oxygen, provide more CO catalytic oxidation activity.The study found that the amount of oxygen available to the oxide produced by the FSP method increased by 19 times compared with the ce-zr oxides prepared by the coprecipitation method.The research results provide new ideas for the design and application of new oxide catalytic materials.

The research is published in the journal chemical science.

The research was funded by the Chinese academy of sciences - helmholtz partnership research team project and the youth innovation promotion association of the Chinese academy of sciences.

BMC Genomics