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Public Announcement: Shaanxi Prolongs Petroleum Materials Group Jiangsu Co., LTD., The Annual Framework Of The Catalyst For The Development Of Sulfur Resistant Catalyst.
Mar 28, 2018

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Public announcement: shaanxi prolongs petroleum materials group jiangsu co., LTD., the annual framework procurement project of the catalyst for the development of sulfur resistant catalyst.

Bid number: YC18001007(CGA)

Bid inviter: shaanxi extended petroleum supplies group limited liability company.

Source of funds: other investment amount: 2.86 million yuan.

For the announcement

Shaanxi prolong oil supplies group co., LTD to have extended recruit standard conditions of shaanxi oil supplies group co., LTD., jiangsu about XingHua frame project annual domestic sulfur resistant shift catalyst openly recruit standard, now the announcement regarding the related matters as follows:

1. Project name: shaanxi prolongs petroleum materials group jiangsu co., ltd. on the annual framework procurement project of the catalyst for the development of sulfur resistance transformation catalyst.

Ii. Project overview, bid scope and demarcation:

The main technical parameter measurement of the name of serial number.

Unit estimate quantity project nature demand unit use direction.

1. The catalyst for sulfur resistance transformation is detailed in the technical specification book tons 41 production and management materials shaanxi prolongs petroleum xinghua chemical co., LTD.

This project is divided into a section, source of funds: self-financing.

Iii. Bidder qualification requirements:

1, the bidder shall be an independent legal personality of the manufacturer (provide the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate (the unity of three certificates only unified social credit the business license of the code), the bank opens an account licence), has the good social reputation and ability to perform the contract, provide advanced and reliable products and good after sale service;

2, the bidder shall have the general taxpayer qualification (provide such as average taxpayer qualification certificates issued by the tax authorities of the recent issue special VAT send tickets to an account, or the tax authority's official website average taxpayer query record screenshots with url);

3. Bank credit certificate issued within 3 months before the deadline for bidder's bidding;

4. Relevant documents relating to the production or operation of products provided by the state;

5. The bidder has the ISO9001 quality management system certificate;

6. The agent (imported product) shall provide the manufacturer authorization letter;

7. No joint bid is accepted.

Iv. Qualification examination method: after qualification.

5. Acquisition of bidding documents.

Please have the intention to purchase the bidding document at 9:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00 (except holidays), on March 12, 2018, March 16, 2018, and the documents will be sold for 500 yuan/share, and will not be returned after sale.

Information to be provided when purchasing the bidding documents: a copy of the legal person's authorization letter and the authorized person's identity card, the third information of this notice and the fresh seal.

Vi. Submission of tender documents.

1. The deadline for submission of tender documents shall be 1430 hours on 3 April 2018.

2. The tender documents shall not be accepted if the tender documents are delivered or not delivered to the designated place.

Contact person: peng zhang.

Hand machine: 13717999428

Mail box: zhjt7717@126.com