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Research On The Leaping Development Of China Petroleum Refining And Chemical Business From The R & D Of Refining Series Catalysts
Dec 29, 2017

Oil refining is the basis of modern industry, providing over 90% of transportation fuels and chemical raw materials, making it one of the largest and most important processing industries in the world. In addition to a few processes such as atmospheric depressurization and coking, more than 80% of the processes in the refining industry are catalytic processes. Catalysts have become the most economical, flexible and potential core technologies for high-efficiency conversion and clean utilization of crude oil. Refining technology is the most active areas of progress.

China's oil refining capacity of nearly 200 million tons a year, the catalyst used about 70,000 tons. However, prior to the 12th FYP, in addition to its traditional advantages in the field of catalytic cracking catalysts and sulfur recovery catalysts, the development of other important refining catalysts is still in its infancy. The development of high-level refining catalysts has become a key factor restricting the Company's refining technology Improve and accelerate the bottleneck of implementing the internationalization strategy.

Quickly break through the core technology of catalysts, develop a series of refining catalysts with independent intellectual property rights, eliminate bottlenecks and shortcomings, establish a complete refining technology chain, set a new advantage of China's oil refining business as soon as possible, comprehensively upgrade CNPC's refining technology, It has become an urgent task for the majority of scientists in the field of science and technology.

History is similar to the beginning of the founding of New China, the refining industry in a poor start of the second phase. In order to break the blockade of foreign technologies, the science and technology workers of the older generation, under the unified organization of the Ministry of Petroleum, carried out the general battle for the catalyst for independent research and development. Refining catalyst has become the cornerstone of China's oil refining industry, in which the production of advanced aviation gasoline silica alumina catalyst for our country's national defense has made a significant contribution, known as the veritable "Gas".

Today, the oil refining industry is facing severe challenges such as poor quality of crude oil, greening of the environment, and high-quality products. In response to this urgent need, S & T Management, in conjunction with the Refining and Chemical Branch Company, has designed and organized a large team to concentrate on the research and development of a series of catalysts for major refinery operations, adhere to independent innovation, focus on development, lead the future and assume the future The goal of technological innovation in the industry was started in 2010 with timely implementation of major scientific and technological projects such as "Research and Development of Refining Catalysts and Industrial Applications". Led by the Institute of Petrochemical Technology, nearly 700 scientific and technical personnel, including Lanzhou Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical, Southwest Oil and Gas Field and China University of Petroleum, led a series of four-year collaborative innovation and key research projects.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, with the implementation of major scientific and technological projects, the overseas market was successfully expanded with catalytic cracking catalysts, and the series of catalysts for hydrogenation of gasoline, diesel and diesel fully supported the upgrade of oil products quality. Up to now, PetroChina has made significant breakthroughs in the key areas of refining catalysts, and at the same time, it has promoted the comprehensive promotion of new materials, catalytic reaction processes and catalyst production technologies and achieved fruitful results. The majority of scientific and technological personnel work hard together to overcome difficulties, to the party group of the company handed over a satisfactory answer: 56 key technologies captured, developed six major categories, 21 series of 52 varieties of new catalyst products and 8 Varieties of catalytic new materials, the development of the five technology package, apply for a patent 154, identified 67 technical secrets, the catalyst total production and marketing of more than 90,000 tons, 54 enterprises in the implementation of 111 sets of industrial installations, new benefits 20 Billion yuan or more, the overall technology reached the international advanced, has won two national science and technology progress awards two, the company first prize four.

Catalytic cracking catalyst research and development continue to maintain its advantages, the development of a deep conversion of heavy oil, increase gasoline octane number, propylene and other four series of 17 series of new catalyst, at home and abroad more than 50 sets of industrial applications, and successfully into the overseas high-end market . Sulfur recovery series of catalysts in 34 sets of industrial applications at home and abroad have been applied for installation of emission standards and make new contributions to energy saving. The successful application of gasoline and diesel hydrogenation catalyst in more than 20 sets of gasoline and diesel hydrogenation units has become the main technology for the quality upgrading of PetroChina's gasoline and diesel.

A breakthrough has been made in the research and development of hydrocracking and fixed-bed residue hydrogenation catalysts, which has successfully achieved industrial application and filled the gap of PetroChina in this field. Development of high-performance NaY zeolite, low-cost synthesis of β-zeolite catalyst for the development of new materials such as high performance catalyst. FCC and hydrogenation catalyst production complete set of technology research success, integrated development of 50,000 tons / year catalytic cracking catalyst, 5000 tons / year residue hydrogenation catalyst and 1000 tons / year non-supported hydrogenation catalyst production technology package for Company's refining catalyst business development and production base to provide technical support.

Through continuous tackling problems, the three key laboratories of catalytic refining, catalyst refining, heavy oil processing and clean fuel production, as well as catalytic cracking catalysts and processes, have been upgraded in the Petrochemical Research Institute Refinery Catalysts Innovation Base and Lanzhou, Fushun two catalyst production bases, Hydrogenation catalyst and process of two pilot bases of research and development capabilities and equipment to achieve a qualitative leap in the ability of independent innovation has been greatly improved. Specialized research has cultivated and unite a creative team with fine technology, strong style, excellent service and dedication. They have grown to become the vanguard and main force in the technological progress of petroleum refining in China and the precious asset for the company's development.

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, facing the challenge of a low oil price becoming a new normal, the R & D of oil refining catalysts will meet the needs of higher-standard oil product quality, refined oil product structure adjustment, upgrading of heavy oil processing level, In terms of catalyst structure design based on the concept of "molecular refining", the development of nano-functionalized new materials and the clean production technology with high efficiency and low consumption catalysts will be focused on. The development of refining catalysts will enable the realization of technology modeling, platformization, To meet the Group's refining technology development needs, promote the overall level of China's oil refining catalyst business world-class, with full participation in the international competition.

Highlights technology

1 gasoline and diesel hydrogenation catalyst series

Petrochemical Research Institute and China University of Petroleum jointly developed a series of nine grades of gasoline hydrogenation catalyst such as catalytic gasoline pre-hydrogenation catalyst and selective hydrodesulfurization catalyst, forming a complete set of technologies for gasoline hydrogenation of DSO and GARDES, realizing deep desulfurization of gasoline , Reducing olefins and maintaining the octane number have been applied in 13 sets of installations of the Company, accounting for 54.4% of similar installations, supporting the quality upgrading of PetroChina's gasoline. PHF and FDS series of diesel hydrotreating catalysts were successfully applied in 13 refineries of 10 refineries, providing important support for the company's diesel quality upgrading. "Meet the fourth phase of the national emission standards for clean gasoline production complete sets of technology development and application" won the 2015 National Science and technology progress prize two.

2 residue hydrogenation catalyst

Major projects The project team successfully developed pore structure flexible control, active metal non-uniform distribution of six key technologies to overcome the proliferation of residue macromolecules for the preparation of special macroporous carriers difficult to design and develop a gradient pore, respectively, double peaks Hole, open hole, centralized hole features four categories of 12 fixed-bed residue hydrogenation catalyst; to achieve a variety of catalyst function optimization grade, maximize the catalyst desulfurization, carbon removal and other effects have been in Dalian Western Pacific Petrochemical Company residue oil hydrogenation unit successfully completed industrial application test to ensure the long-term operation of the device, safe and smooth operation, the overall reached the international advanced level, to fill the PetroChina in the field of residue hydrogenation catalyst blank.

3 sulfur recovery catalyst

Sulfur recovery is the hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases into elemental sulfur, to achieve waste to treasure protection of the environment, refining, chemical and natural gas purification an important part of the process.

Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company has developed a series of four types of 9 grades of sulfur recovery catalyst, the development of the formation of conventional and low-temperature Claus, organic sulfur hydrolysis, hydrogen sulfide selective oxidation, Claus exhaust gas hydrolysis and other technologies, the overall level The leading domestic and international advanced fields have reached the international advanced level and have been applied in 34 sets of installations of Chongqing Natural Gas Purification Plant, Dushanzi Petrochemical Company and Guangxi Petrochemical Company. The market share in the domestic market reaches 75%.

4 hydrocracking catalyst

Hydrocracking technology is the only process technology that enables the production of clean fuel and high quality chemical raw materials for vehicles while reducing the weight of heavy oil.

Petrochemical Institute has developed a PHC-03 hydrocracking catalyst with good activity stability, high middle distillate selectivity and high heterogeneous performance. The company successfully implemented industrial application of Daqing Petrochemical's 1.2 million tons / year hydrocracking unit and liquid products The rate reached 99.37%, a 3% increase over diesel and jet fuel yields, a 5-degree Celsius drop in diesel and two units in BMCI tail fuel. The successful development and application of this catalyst fills the gap in the field of hydrocracking technology of China National Petroleum.

5 catalytic cracking catalyst

Petrochemical Institute put forward a new viewpoint of heavy oil catalytic mechanism of positive carbon ion "intragranular generation, external crystal transmission and surface cracking" and become the theoretical basis of high level catalyst design. Based on the self-developed Y-type molecular sieve structure secondary modification technique , ZSM-5 activity recovery, heavy metal coating capture and other key technologies as the core, significantly improving the catalyst resistance to the metal, developed a high-efficiency conversion of heavy oil to improve the octane number of gasoline, propylene and other series of catalysts at home and abroad 50 The remaining sets of devices are widely used and successfully entered the North American high-end market, resulting in more than 1.2 billion yuan in economic benefits, the proportion of China's petroleum products independently produced by technology increased to 92%, the international competitiveness further enhanced.

6 catalytic new material

In order to further improve the product crystallinity and Si / Al ratio of NaY zeolite industrial production technology, CNPC relied on the independent research and development of a number of patents and proprietary technologies. According to the characteristics of high-molecular-weight NaY molecular sieves, by creating "crystal nucleation" and "crystal growth "With two different chemical technologies, we have developed a complete set of high-performance NaY zeolite synthesis technologies with short crystallization time, high crystallinity and high Si / Al ratio, meeting the urgent need of producing high-performance catalytic materials The molecular sieve active components of raw materials have been successfully applied to a large area in 19 kinds of industrial catalysts such as LDO-75 and LDO-70. The successful development of such materials has laid the material foundation for the development of a series of new catalysts in the future.

Authoritative comment

World molecular sieve catalyst a big improvement

The preparation of mesoporous molecular sieves is one of the hottest fields of research in molecular sieve science. PetroChina can track the formation and development of secondary pore system by controlling the defects, which is a new original method. And this method may be applied to the research of different molecular sieve materials. Based on a deep understanding of molecular sieve structure and chemical basic knowledge, a research team composed of researchers from Petrifaction Institute and China University of Petroleum (Beijing) succeeded in putting this new concept of mesopores invented into practice and achieved excellent Catalytic effect. I am deeply appreciative of this, not only because of its vast industrial application prospects, but also because of its full basic scientific value. This is a clear example of how basic theoretical knowledge guides practical solutions. In addition, this influential work is also a contribution and addition to the well-established and mature research system of academia and industry that has been in existence for more than 50 years and will surely have a huge impact on the research field of mesoporous molecular sieves.

Clean gasoline production technology innovation support oil upgrade

Production of clean vehicles with gasoline to control vehicle emissions is an important measure to improve China's air quality is to support the sustainable development of oil processing industry cutting-edge technology. Through continuous tackling of the five five-year plans during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan", PetroChina has created a system combining both deep desulfurization and olefin content reduction with a view to cracking down on FCC gasoline as the major gasoline blending component Product gasoline octane three functions of catalytic cracking gasoline hydrogenation technology package improvement. In particular, oil refining catalysts support the upgrading of China's oil quality from the national standard Ⅲ to the national Ⅳ and national Ⅴ standards, making an important contribution to the implementation of the action plan for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in our country, and have brought tremendous economic and social benefits. (Chinese Academy of Engineering pay Xianzhi)

Focus on tackling the leapfrog development

After the reorganization of China's petroleum and petrochemicals, the downstream business of China's oil entered a period of rapid development. Especially in the field of oil refining catalysts, the Company made timely arrangements for its full deployment and organized major scientific and technological specializations in "R & D and industrial application of oil refining catalysts" Strength, developed a series of catalyst products with independent intellectual property rights and catalyst production technology. Through special research, we have cultivated a mature, professional research team, as well as a large number of professional and technical backbone, emerged in the field of various catalyst professional leaders. In the catalytic cracking, sulfur recovery catalyst advantage areas, has entered the international advanced ranks, some of the products reached the international advanced level. In the field of hydrogenation catalyst we achieved a major technological breakthrough. Catalytic cracking gasoline hydrogenation catalyst part of the technology is an international leader in the field of industrial applications of gasoline hydrogenation catalyst and diesel hydrotreating catalyst reached the international advanced level, provided for the Chinese oil refining business Strong technical support. (Group Consulting Center experts Gu Cun Gui)

Innovation perception

Courage to dream blue sky

In the past 10 years, CNPC has been making every effort to promote independent innovation and has focused on tackling the technology of upgrading gasoline quality. Petrochemical Research Institute gasoline hydrogenation catalyst research and development team in the face of the urgency of oil upgrades, bravely challenged, overcome difficulties, relying on selfless work, hard work and enterprising spirit to explore the road to innovation, countless inspirational pictures are still vivid . R & D team sacrificed countless holidays, working overtime to fight the catalyst research and development, production and installation of the site, after a few young backbone of 80 home throwing industry, adhere to a number of industrial installations in the field more than 4 months.

China Petroleum Catalytic gasoline hydrodesulfurization technology continues to improve, from a single hydrodesulfurization catalyst developed into a pre-hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, aftertreatment, octane recovery 9 grades of hydrodesulfurization catalyst series of development, development and development - application - promotion - a virtuous cycle of innovation, to build a flexible and efficient national Ⅳ / Ⅴ clean gasoline production technology platform. Hydrodesulfurization upgrading series of catalyst technology reached the international advanced level, to achieve a large-scale, standardized industrial applications, and achieved good economic and social benefits. (Gasoline hydrogenation catalyst R & D team)

Based on the strength of innovation expand outside the expansion tree brand

PetroChina is the cradle of China's catalytic cracking catalyst and has filled many gaps in the domestic market.

Catalytic cracking catalyst technology has been a group of companies refining the advantages of the field of business, "fifteen" and "eleven five" won two national awards. In the face of honor, Petrochemical Research Institute Catalytic Cracking Catalyst R & D team is not complacent, but aimed at the world's technological frontiers, with theoretical innovation as a breakthrough point, and "the market is an important criterion for testing technology" as a measure; relying on major oil refining project, Formed several series of new FCC catalyst products and entered the markets of Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States for the first time. It symbolizes that PetroChina has developed advanced technologies and products that can compete with the same industry in the world.

The great success of technological innovation can not be achieved without the care and support of the leaders of various departments in the group company. Gatekeeping Guiding experts such as careful guidance, Lanzhou Petrochemical and other enterprises in close cooperation, and Petrochemical Research Institute and other units to tackle the team's efforts are the breakthrough of an important guarantee for catalytic cracking technology.