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Sinopec Styrene Catalyst For The First Time Export To Western Europe.
Mar 26, 2018

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Recently, by the Shanghai petrochemical research institute http://www.chem.hc360.com/(hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai court) catalyst research and development, the Shanghai branch of China petrochemical production styrene catalyst for exports in Western Europe, for the first time in the Ineos company (Ineos Styrolution) Belgium styrene plant 125000 tons/year has been applied on the device.The company is the world's leading supplier of styrene, the world's largest styrene monomer, polystyrene and copolymer http://info.plas.hc360.com/list/psabs_list.shtmland the second largest ABS http://info.plas.hc360.com/list/abs.shtml manufacturer.

The Shanghai hospital attaches great importance to the technical service of the catalyst loading and driving technology, and has sent two batches of researchers to the site for technical services.According to the catalyst loading plan provided by Shanghai hospital, the two parties have refined the catalyst loading procedure and formulated the schedule of the loading work schedule.Under the close cooperation of the field management and operators, the catalyst loading work was completed successfully, which fully demonstrated the technical service level of the Chinese petrochemical research team.

In order to ensure the styrene by sinopec catalyst device to drive success, Shanghai hospital technicians with Ineos company (Ineos Styrolution) technical personnel is the gear drive scheme for Shanghai hospital to provide a comprehensive communication, the parameters of the driving device the steps and specific detail communication and confirmation.At present, under the condition of full load, the performance index reaches or exceeds the contract value.The conversion and selectivity of catalysts, reaction temperature and bed pressure drop performance is superior to similar foreign products, gain the highly recognition and full affirmation, gear drive a successful, fully demonstrates China's petrochemical technology development level.

China petrochemical styrene catalyst has been applied in more than 20 sets of domestic devices, and has produced good economic and social benefits.In recent years, China petrochemical styrene catalyst has been successfully applied in many chemical enterprises in Taiwan, Middle East and other regions.The styrene catalyst in Ineos company (Ineos Styrolution) the success of the application, for the Chinese petrochemical product competitiveness, expand overseas markets to write the part a, Shanghai yuan will continue to implement the work meeting requirements, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovation and results, to support and lead the Chinese petrochemical industry sustainable development.