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The Approval Of The Environmental Impact Statement On The Modification Of The Hydrogen Recycling Project Of The Synthetic Ammonia Transformation Project Of Hubei Bihongsheng Technology Co., LTD.
Mar 29, 2018

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Hubei bihongsheng technology co., LTD.

Your company's request for approval of the environmental impact statement on the approval of the modification of ammonia production hydrogen recycling project.

According to the research, the report on the change of environmental impact of the transformation project of the synthetic ammonia conversion project of hubei bihongsheng technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the report) is as follows:

A, manufacture of synthetic ammonia hydrogen circulating fluidized renovation project construction unit by the hubei qianjiang Jin Huarun company change to green hong sheng technology co., LTD., hubei construction site is located in qianjiang economic development zone CRC fertilizer to old factory.

The construction property is new.

The municipal environmental protection bureau of hubei qianjiang Jin Huarun fertilizer co., LTD. Manufacture of synthetic ammonia hydrogen circulating fluidized transformation project environmental impact report "(latent ring review letter [2017] 31) approval of the project's main construction content is: the gasification system, desulfurization system, transform device, change to take off the device, the compression system, the PSA hydrogen production system, cryogenic air separation system, 120000 tons/year food-grade liquid carbon dioxide device and so on, change is not green hong sheng company after construction project owner cryogenic air separation system.

The project conforms to the national industrial policy and the construction site is in conformity with the overall urban planning of qianjiang city.

In the full implementation of the report in all kinds of environmental pollution prevention and control measures are put forward under the premise, I agree to the project according to the construction site listed in the report, the nature, scale and environmental protection measures in construction.

Second, in the project engineering design, construction and environmental management, your unit must strictly implement the "report" in the environmental protection measures are put forward and requirements, to ensure that each pollutant discharging standard, and must be focused on doing the following work:

(1) strengthening wastewater treatment.

Reconstruction of waste water after preprocessing the back into the factory sewage treatment station, treated meet the "standard of sewage comprehensive" (GB8978-1996) level 3 standards and meet the requirement to take over after into sewage treatment plant, to mark the back into the south river han.

(2) strengthen waste gas management.

Production waste gas by QACR denitration technology + + double alkaline or electrostatic dust removal system of exhaust gas desulfurization system "after processing, the need to meet the boiler air pollutant emission standard" (GB13271-2014) in table 1 in coal-fired boiler atmospheric pollutants concentration limit, vent discharge by 45 meters high.

(3) noise from the regional factory of the project is ensured to meet the three standards of environmental noise emission standards of industrial enterprises (gb12348-2008).

(4) collect and collect all kinds of solid waste and properly handle them.

In the process of production, the tar, waste oil and activated carbon produced by static electricity should be handled by qualified units.

Waste iron oxide desulfurizer, waste catalyst, waste molecular sieve to be recycled by the manufacturer;

Waste mixed furnace slag for paving;

The household garbage is transported by the sanitation department.

(5) the project shall implement the 100-meter health protection distance proposed by the report, implement the planning control, and prevent the new residents' residential buildings and other sensitive spots from being built within the protected distance.

(6) supporting construction accident emergency pool, regularly carrying out pollution accident drill and filing emergency plan.

Iii. We entrust the municipal environmental protection bureau development zone bureau to be responsible for the environmental supervision and management during the construction period and operation period of the project. Please cooperate with the company.

Four, the project should be in the south of the han river water environment comprehensive improvement plan is completed, will start the trial run, your company must strictly implement the system of "three simultaneity" for environmental protection, project completion after the acceptance of environmental protection, can put into operation.

5. This approval shall be valid for 5 years from the date of issuance.

In case of major changes in the nature, scale, location and pollution control measures of the project after the approval, the environmental impact assessment document of the project shall be re-submitted.

If the project has been decided to start construction within five years since the date of this approval, the environmental impact assessment document of the project shall be submitted to our bureau for review.


Copy of this examination and approval is invalid.

March 14, 2018.