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The Catalyst 'mixed' The Big Benefit.
Apr 10, 2018

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In the field of petrochemical, product yield and quality has always been a pair of contradictions, but we broke through the catalyst grading technical problems, through a variety of catalysts' mixed ', 'have it both ways."

Sun jianhuai, the chief engineer of five oil refineries, told reporters at the zhenhai refinery branch of China petroleum & chemical co., LTD.

It is the world's first technology, let Sun Jianhuai team has won second prize of national technical invention in 2017, changed the Chinese petrochemical industry the traditional process technology for decades, created considerable economic benefits and social benefits.

"Black technology" in violation of technological principles

This "black technology" is also starting from a production problem nine years ago.

At that time, due to the design reason, zhenhai refined a set of hydrocracking unit to produce aviation kerosene and ethylene pyrolysis raw material products, the quality was not up to the expected target.

This problem is not difficult to solve. The conventional method is to replace the catalyst and sacrifice part of the production to ensure the quality, but the economic benefit of the enterprise will also be greatly reduced.

"Why don't you try a variety of catalysts?"

Then device technology sponsored Sun Jianhuai put forward a bold idea: in the different parts of the reaction device, packing different types and functions of the catalyst, a part which is used to improve the quality of product, the other part is used to increase production.

This is a road that has never been passed by the petrochemical industry at home and abroad. It violates the principle that "a reaction device USES only one catalyst" in the industry.

The cost of the replacement of a catalyst and as high as 50 million yuan, "a mixture of grading" can achieve the desired effect has a great deal of uncertainty, and will be adjusted to the best active catalysts, more of a technical problem.

Fortunately, this "imaginative" idea is supported by the alchemy of zhenhai.

"We cooperate with the fushun petrochemical research institute of sinopec to carry out the technical research."

Sun jianhuai said that the performance ratio of the catalyst, the control of operation scheme, etc. are all carried out in the laboratory's pilot plant, which greatly reduces the cost of trial and error and speeds up the development process.

Through the efficient cooperation between the hospital and the company, two different functional catalysts have been tested, and the laboratory has been out of the laboratory within nine months.

In March 2010, the first industrial practice was initiated in the large-scale production facility of zhenhai refinery.

The result was a celebration of both production and quality improvements and a 10 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

Through hydrocarbon molecular structure orientation, enterprises can also adjust the product structure flexibly according to market demand.

The "blending" has also endured the test of time, extending the life of the catalyst for a full year, to a record 49 months.

Three catalysts can also "mix"

After the success of the first harvest, sun jianhuai team did not stop, they started three kinds of catalysts "mixing and mixing".

On the basis of the repeated discussion and improvement of the catalyst performance, shape, loading and grading scheme, zhenhai refining and fushun petrochemical research institute confirmed the second stoppage change agent scheme.

In May 2014, the installation of three different kinds of catalysts was put into operation. In order to adjust the activity of the catalyst, the enterprise also made a bold withdrawal of the reaction feeding furnace.

As expected, the quality and output of the product jumped again, and energy consumption fell again.

After repeated verification, sun jianhuai's team has been widely recognized for "gradation and blending" technology, and has been widely praised for its application in many domestic production devices.

"At the moment, the production process is being used in the upstream production process from mineral water bottles and clothing to aircraft, trucks and car oil."

"Sun said proudly.

Technological breakthrough has brought considerable economic benefits to zhenhai refining.

In the three years from 2014 to 2016, the production equipment involved in the technology test increased the company's additional income by nearly 60 million yuan.

The technology also makes a positive contribution to the protection of blue water and blue sky. The gasoline, diesel and other products produced by zhenhai are cleaner and more environmentally friendly, reducing the energy consumption per year by more than 15,000 tons of coal.

Build a smart factory.

Every technological breakthrough is inseparable from the accumulation of innovation.

For a long time, zhenhai refining scientific and technological innovation as the enterprise upgrading product quality and production efficiency the important fulcrum of ascension for the implementation of the new product research and development measures for the management of a "a team" and "one case one adviser" application mode, and fushun petrochemical research institute, and other research institutes and universities maintain a long-term strategic cooperation, make the production, fusion depth and obtained remarkable achievement.

Under the "management + technology" two-wheel driven, zhenhai refining continuous breakthrough in recent years, the flue gas desulfurization denitration dust removal technologies, such as continuous development of new market in urgent need of refining and chemical products, breaking a number of foreign technology monopoly, success will be products exported to Japan, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

We should adhere to the development of innovation-driven development, and make zhenhai the only petroleum refining enterprise in China that has made profits of over ten billion yuan for three consecutive years.

"Now, we are pushing ahead with the construction of smart factories, aiming to build a world-class company and help China's petrochemical industry to move in a different direction, adjust its structure and upgrade its quality and efficiency."

Sun jianhuai told reporters.