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The First Batch Of Catalyst Products For Fushun Petrochemical Were Exported To Sudan.
Mar 23, 2018

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The Khartoum refinery is China national petroleum corporation of the construction of the joint venture with Sudan to KuangBu Sudan's first modern refinery as the main body of the joint venture company, is called the heart of the Sudan, by Chinese standards, technology and equipment construction.

The refinery production, two use fushun petrochemical catalyst products a total of 150 tons, fushun petrochemical production scheduling, priority process in strict accordance with the requirements of production, product performance and quality.The export of RN - 22 b highly active distillate oil hydrofining catalyst, with a highly active and stability, not only can solve the problem of high sulfur oil processing, and provide technical support for enterprise expansion efficiency.

After signed the order last year, fushun petrochemical one thousand ways through export process, carrier catalyst factory production from the end of last year, early February production end of this year, overcome environmental and Khartoum refinery during special process requirements, and many other difficulties, achieve high quality on time delivery order.