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The Four - Build Catalyst Changling Molecular Sieve Device Is Delivered In Time.
Apr 08, 2018

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 China petrochemical news network news (song as your Wang Jixiang) on April 7, learn from four houses building in hunan changling refining project, by the four houses building in changling branch 200 tons/year HTS molecular sieve catalyst production plant construction project waste water waste gas treatment device, the mention of "full staff joining into nearly 11 months of hard work, to achieve the goal in safety and quality on schedule delivery.

Four houses building in changling catalyst wastewater waste gas treatment plant is 200 tons/year HTS molecular sieve production equipment supporting facilities, to start on May 10, 2017, the main body of reinforced concrete frame structure, the scaffolding set-up project involves high, crossover operation of such as the artificial and can record the loss event.

In terms of quality control, strict implementation of laws and regulations, standard specifications and owners' rules and regulations, adhere to quality standards, strict process control, and enhanced quality inspection.

The main project acceptance once qualified, the device receives the electricity to be successful once, the process pipeline nondestructive testing total production 285 pieces, the welding pass rate 100%, did not have the construction quality accident.

In terms of construction progress, we should play a leading role in the construction production plan. We will adjust the human resources in a timely manner around the target of the node, grasp the critical path, catch the progress detection, and make up the progress deviation in time.

Actively overcome the rainy season and more narrow, site of groundwater is difficult, scientific and reasonable organization cooperated-builing employees flourished, starting construction race, in order to speed up the construction progress has played a positive role.