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The Key To The Removal Of Coal Pollutants By A Magic Catalyst
May 27, 2018

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In recent years, the air environment has seriously affected people's quality of life, and the clean use of coal has become an urgent task.

In recent years, the shanxi MeiHuaSuo studying, independent research and development of the integration of pollutant removal technology for high performance carbon catalysts and reaction process series breakthrough progress has been made, the overall level of the technology in the advanced international and domestic leading position, the research and development and environmental protection industry of our country of production and application of new type of purification technology has played a leading role in promoting and.

Key laboratory of public activities, is part of the cycle of science and technology in 2018 in shanxi, has more than 72 national and provincial key laboratory results and scientific research conditions show, popular science lectures, open experiment, academic exchanges, etc. Various kinds of public welfare public activities.

This activity brings the "tall and tall" scientific research institution into the public eye, brings the distance between science and the public closer, helps the public to answer questions and solve puzzles through scientific experiments and interactive experience, and increases scientific knowledge.