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The New High Efficiency Catalyst Can Recover Two Greenhouse Gases At The Same Time
Jun 03, 2018

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According to physicists organization network reported recently, researchers from the university of surrey in the latest issue of the journal application push chemical B: environment, according to the published papers, they developed a cost-effective super catalyst, can also recycle's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming - methane and carbon dioxide, is expected to replace the existing carbon capture technology, to curb global carbon emissions, the actual effect.

Recently held in Bonn, Germany, the United Nations climate change conference, "the global carbon project" published research report, fossil fuel and industrial production of carbon dioxide emissions to break over the past three years and growth situation, rebound in 2017, is expected to be twice more than in 2016.

Experts think, modes of global energy from fossil fuels to low-carbon or zero emission clean energy, speed too slow, to avoid the end of the century the global temperature rise to 2 ℃ has been very difficult, and achieve the goal of 1.5 ℃ is far beyond reach.

Existing carbon-capture technologies, while widespread, are too expensive and most require extreme conditions to be successful.

Researchers from the university of surrey, Thomas ruina and colleagues, through to the powerful function of nickel-based catalysts to join tin and ceria, acquire a new super catalyst, carbon dioxide and methane can be turned into a artificial gas, used for production of fuels and raw materials of various kinds of chemical products.

Ruina said, climate scientists have been looking for goal, is to find methods to reverse damage to the atmosphere, and new catalyst, not only can remove the harmful gas, can one-time transforming them into renewable fuels, kill two birds with one stone of it.

"This is a viable alternative to conventional carbon capture technology and will have a real impact on the health of the planet."

The Rena team has applied for a patent and is seeking partners to use the technology to create world-changing value as soon as possible.