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The Original Structure Of The Control Of The Original Structure Of The System To Fight Against The Blue Sky.
Mar 24, 2018

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To constantly adapt to the demand of the national product quality upgrading, alone the petrochemical company according to the national work programme "to speed up product quality upgrading", stick to upgrade time nodes, work plan, try to supply for the market more clean and efficient products, the Ⅴ gasoline upgrading than the national requirements for two months in advance.From 2013 to 2013, the sole petrochemical has built 800000 tons/year gasoline hydrogenation and 1 million tons/year wax oil hydrogenation unit, implements the gasoline from countries Ⅲ to Ⅴ quality upgrading, product sulfur content reduced from 150 parts per million (PPM) to 10 parts per million;In three years, the petrochemical and through optimization and application of the catalyst, has realized the diesel from Ⅴ countries Ⅲ to upgrade, the sulfur content products from 350 PPM dropped below 10 PPM, for environmental pollution emissions play a positive role.

The company focuses on optimizing the product structure, developing and producing environment-friendly soluble polystyrene rubber, and actively providing clean products to the market.The company comprehensively carries out the clean production audit, carries out the source prevention, the process control, the terminal management whole process management.Since 2014, organize the implementation of clean production scheme of hundreds of, adhere to the first use of clean energy, adopts the high resource utilization, reduced discharge of pollutants technology, equipment, and comprehensive utilization of waste and pollution disposal technology, reduce pollutants.Resolutely eliminate backward technology, low level of environmental protection device, has closed the refining old three sets of distillation, 600000 tons/year delayed coking, 200000 tons/year, furfural refining 14 sets of devices, such as access to green development capacity.

Petrochemical actively implement the national environmental protection new standards and autonomous region alone kratos - alone - wu area air defense spreading special emissions requirements, through technical modification, use cloth bag dust removal, half dry, wet desulphurization, SNCR and SCR denitration technology of purification of flue gas.Investment of 2017 yuan in 2017, the sole petrochemical complete sulfur DiBiao transformation 28 environmental standard upgrade project, such as sulfur concentration of sulfur dioxide emissions by 82%, carbon four alkynes, polyolefin exhaust gas recycling can reduction exhaust 12000 tons a year, to build the first set of CEB waste incinerator, atmospheric tank VOCs removal rate of more than 99%.

The company actively performs three major political, economic and social responsibilities, bearing in mind that "green mountain is the golden mountain" and strictly implements the requirements of national environmental protection laws and regulations.During the period from June to July last year, during the shutdown and maintenance of a catalytic device, more than 50 environmental control measures were implemented by the company, which did not have any impact on the surrounding residents.In the maintenance, all the use of airtight purging, for the device odor, the chemical agents deodorization treatment;For noise, the silencer is installed.For dust, the filter is installed.In the shutdown process, the petrochemical device centered, set up three noise and odor monitoring line, the purpose is to monitor changes in the environment at any time, at any time to strictly control the shutdown process.In the end, the goal of green shutdown is to achieve the goal of "air pollution, oil is not falling, the sound is not disturbed, and the dust is not flying".

"Twelfth five-year" compared with the period of "11th five-year plan", the sole petrochemical company annual crude runs nearly tripled, ethylene yield increase by more than 5 times, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot emissions fell by 72%, 41% and 56%, respectively, verification "twelfth five-year" to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, 18000 tons, 06200 tons of nitrogen oxide, with practical action to practice the social responsibility of the state, get the surrounding residential areas.

In 2018, dushanzi petrochemical company highlighted environmental risk control, facility operation, and upgrading "three key points" to promote the construction of ecological civilization.Deep in environmental risk assessment, strictly implement the source control, process supervision and terminal management, promoting company "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" environmental project management plan, the new round of exhaust gas comprehensive improvement plan.We will carry out grid monitoring, strengthen exhaust emissions and odor control, organize the leak detection and repair of sealing points, and strive for a 20% reduction of VOCs, and win the battle of the blue sky.