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There Is A Shortage Of Tire Oil In The Local Law
Jun 04, 2018

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A worker says, will waste tires into the tin can, under the effect of catalyst, the melt after 8 ~ 10 hours at room temperature, some heavier steel wire in the tire, impurities such as deposition to the furnace bottom, lighter oil will float to the top.

The oil flows out through the discharge port, cools in the condensing tank, sinks into the pit below and is pumped into the tank, where the tyre oil is refined.

Finally added the decoloring agent, the black tire oil changed into a completely invisible appearance.

According to introducing, domestic product oil price rises ceaselessly, provided the condition that a few illegal elements seek violent profit.

In large truck tires, for example, collecting waste tyre price is 1000-1200 yuan per ton, an average of 3 tons of tires can produce 1 ton of oil, by-product - about one ton of steel wire at the same time, carbonization of rubber can be used as fuel oil refining.

The refined oil price is around 4,500 yuan per ton, and a ton of steel wire can be sold for more than 2,200 yuan.

A furnace can hold 7 tons to 8 tons of tires, produce about 2.5 tons of oil, steel wire about 2 tons, oil and steel wire a furnace can sell 13,000 to 14,000 yuan, and the cost of tires is about 9,000 yuan.

Therefore, a furnace of "tire oil" can earn 3,000 to 4,500 yuan.

Since the price of this oil is only two-thirds of the price of no. 0 diesel, demand is in short supply.

It is reported that China produces 65 million tires every year, increasing by 20 percent every year.

However, statistics show that the normal recovery rate of domestic waste tyres is only 45%.

Have learned, in accordance with the relevant provisions, oil refining projects require environmental assessment, safety assessment, fire applying construction, testing and acceptance by the government related functional department again, to fulfill the requirements of relevant national standard, to production.