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Tire Oil - Engine Killer.
May 07, 2018

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Many car owners may be tempted to push "tire oil" when they refuel.

So what is "tire oil" and how does it work?

These questions must have been unknown to many.

Let's do a simple introduction.

1. What is tire oil?

"Tire oil" is an ordinary cleanser, not a professional tire protection package.

There are some manufacturers in the market to boast that the individual products can be antifouling, anti-aging and anti-static.

Car owners should not trust the publicity.

The average tire maintenance can't do all of these three things, and can only protect the tires from acid rain.

In addition, the main component of this "tire oil" is oil.

The tire is most afraid of oily and weak base weak acid (such as soapy water), if often use above article to clean the tire, can cause serious injury to tire outer rubber.

This is a pyrrhic victory for car owners who want to maintain their tires.

Next time you meet this kind of "tire oil", the car owners will have to say "N O".

The professional maintenance shop will use silicone oil to maintain the tire, its products are directly purchased from the chemical plant, and it is difficult to buy a complete set of products on the market.

To quickly identify whether the main component of a tyre product is silicone oil, a small amount of the product can be used by hand. If the hand feels smooth, it is silicone oil. Other products do not have such a texture.

2. How is the tire oil produced?

Within the first waste tires into the tin can, under the effect of catalyst, the melt after 8 ~ 10 hours under ordinary conditions, some heavier steel wire in the tire, impurities such as deposition to the furnace bottom, lighter oil floating on top.

The oil flows out of the outlet, condenses through the condensate pool, sinks into an underground pit, and is pumped into the tank -- the "tire oil".

Finally, the decolorizer is added, and the black tire oil is transformed, which is completely invisible.